Regardless of whether you are leaving home for a couple of days or you have a bustling agenda, automatic cat feeders can be a strict lifeline for your cat, and a help for you. Finding a solid and superb cat feeder can be somewhat precarious. This is why we have gathered 10 best automatic cat feeders for you here. All of our best automatic cat feeders are great for you to choose for your loving cat! From our 10 best automatic cat feeder review, you will find the feeder that suits your cat for sure. 

You will be able to find many types of automatic cat feeders that are available on the market nowadays. It is recommended for you to compare some available automatic cat feeder, in order to help you compare some available products easily. Before you decide to buy an automatic cat feeder for your cats, you should be very careful.

You will be able to find some popular automatic cat feeder from this article nowadays. It can be the best time for you to read some of the best customer reviews from this article now. Here is some high-quality automatic cat feeder that can solve the problem of feeding your cats.

1. Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder

Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder
Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder

This pet feeder is battery operated and can be utilized for the two cats and puppies. It apportions up to six dinners every day, and each of those can be of various bit sizes. The batteries can last up to a half year and need a cutting-edge arrangement which is more painful?

The Petnet Smart Feeder would be an impeccable pick. This model handles time, fixings and bits for you. On the off chance that you question that, maybe we can dive further into its exact highlights.

This automatic cat’s feeder is as good as a cell phone. This implies it enables you to control the amount you nourish your cats and how regularly by simply opening an application.

This application gloats various energizing highlights to guarantee that all that you do is at the solace of your seat. You can get a diagram of your nourishing exercises, size and time control.

It additionally advises you when your cat is stuck in an unfortunate situation so you can know when your cat isn’t all around encouraged. The creator of this application more likely than not been extremely mindful as you can arrange solid pet food through this energizing application.

You will find loads of new choices enabling you to control nearly everything in the solace of your seat. The application administers food at standard time interims and won’t stop up without your assent.


  • Get notifications for meals served, low food
  • Using the Petnet app you can personalize food portions
  • Designed for kibbles that need help sliding into the bowl
  • Include a stronger feeding wheel and better bowl connection
  • More Features are here.....

2. HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder

HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder
HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder

This pet feeder is also battery operated and can be utilized for the two cats and puppies. It apportions up to six suppers per day, and each of those can be of various bit sizes. The batteries can last up to a half year and along these lines will serve you for quite a while.

With an implicit encouraging plate, you can be guaranteed it can’t be driven far from its administering unit by your pet. This additionally implies the unit can be completely cleaned to guarantee top cleanliness.

One decent and extraordinary component of this unit is its voice recording and playback framework which permits you to record your voice message to call your cat when it’s the ideal opportunity for encouraging.

Its food container can hold 2.9 lbs. of food and has a turned bolting top that can’t be opened by cats. The container is sealed shut, which helps keep food crisp for quite a while.

The HoneyGuaridan A25 Pet Feeder has an advanced, clean looking outline that will fit in well with most current kitchens. It permits sustaining on as meager as 1/32 part of the glass to around seven mugs for each serving. You can program this cat feeder to administer around six suppers per day.


  • Flexible meal portions
  • Prevent Food Locking and Spills
  • Built-in Voice Recorder and Speaker
  • Food container capacity is minimum 3.3 lb
  • More Features are here.....

3. WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Feeder

WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Feeder
WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Feeder

WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Feeder is a standout amongst the most productive automatic cat feeders available. This quality gadget works best for cats with a colossal craving.

Hence, you don’t need to refill it as often as possible as this is a solitary supper cat feeder with a fantastic encouraging limit of 48 hours. It is utilized easily with both dry and wet foods. Even better, it has a basic yet precise programming and enables you to plan in light of every hour, on account of the 48-hour clock.

The cat feeder works the best when you require you to encourage your catlike companion in the early morning, yet you have to sustain your cat at standard interims. Understand that you have to abstain from putting out dry and wet food in the kitchen as it transmits a foul stench and pulls in ants following a couple of hours.

For dry food, it offers a safe material and has a sufficient size which works simply great. For wet food, you can anticipate that the ice packs will keep the super cool and new. Do you require a gadget that can work for longer extends? This is an ideal model for you as it can work overnight.


  • Ice pack helps keep food fresh
  • Multiple Arbitrary Combinations
  • The timer is not a clock, but a countdown of time
  • Great for portion control and establishing eating routines
  • More Features are here.....

4. Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Pet Feedster

Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Pet Feedster
Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Pet Feedster

Pet Feedster PF-10 CAT is a standout amongst the most effective automatic cat feeders available. This quality gadget works best for cats with a tremendous craving. Subsequently, you don’t need to refill it habitually as it has a bigger supply.

In any case, this best automatic cat feeder gives you a chance to control your cat sustaining rate by administering food as per your set timetables. Likewise, it leaves little bites to keep your cat glad.

Setting up and collecting this gadget is really direct. Additionally, setting the program highlights is likewise exceptionally basic. Essentially, on the off chance that you have ever rectified time on a computerized watch, at that point this feeder shouldn’t be a major ordeal.

Another exceptional component of this feeder is savvy plan, which empowers it to remain against any food robbery. Along these lines, if your cat tries to take a few kibbles utilizing her paws, she won’t succeed. This tough feeder is perfect for a stiff-necked cat.

Its Flex-Feeder highlight empowers it to adjust to your cat food rather than you changing your cat for the feeder. It can apportion kibbles from 1/8-3/4 crawls in breadth.

You won’t lose this cat feeder notwithstanding amid a power blackout as it accompanies a battery reinforcement. Along these lines, when you are nowhere to be found, you can set your feeder to work on batteries.


  • Store up to 10 lbs of food
  • Program up to 8 meals per day
  • Our patented, adjustable Flex Feeder
  • Put your Pet Feedster’s programming on hold
  • The timer display shows you when a meal has been served
  • More Features are here.....

5. Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder

Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder
Qpets Automatic Pet Feeder

The Qpets LCD Automatic Pet Feeder is yet another phenomenal lift that holds up to 6 suppers. In the event that you are scanning for a cat dish feeder as opposed to a massive feeder, this might be what you are searching for.

Pet proprietors who look for a simple method for sustaining their catlike companions without the need to store pounds of food in a feeder have discovered this most loved choice. The feeder gloats a cover that secures solidly and has a defend assurance framework that confines the shrewdly savvy cats from gorging.

The extra in addition to with this feeder is it accompanies a low battery marker to tell you when low to guarantee it doesn’t quit working. This is an astonishing component particularly in the event that you away throughout the day.

The feeder is likewise furnished with a mouthpiece and a speaker and can record a 6-second individual message for your pet. The exact opposite thing you require is your pet being not able to access food when the correct time comes.

In case you’re gone throughout the day, this component offers an individual touch and your pet won’t feel so dejected. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t sweet when they hear your voice calling them to do what they specialize in?


  • Built-in clock with easy to read LCD
  • Record a 6-second personal message for your pet
  • The new design has a lid lock to keep the food in the tray
  • Allows you to keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule
  • 6 compartments for use with dry, packaged moist and wet food
  • More Features are here.....

6. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

This great pet feeder from PetSafe is extraordinary compared to other automatic cat feeders that apportion food pieces up to twelve times each day, fulfilling the requirements of your catlike companion.

The feeder has an inner transport line that apportions precise parts and is intended to work with semi-sodden and dry kibbles.

You just need to modify your cat’s suppers by choosing the number of segments you might want the gadget to offer every day. It is fit for dishing up parcels as little as 1/8 of the container and as huge as four glasses for every nourishing.

With an extraordinary moderate nourish highlight, it can apportion dinners gradually finished a time of 15 minutes in this manner keeping quick eaters from eating hastily, swelling, and heaving after that. By backing off a quick eater’s pace, you will make your cat more advantageous and more joyful.

PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder is perfect for all cats, however, it is more helpful for cats that need to lose or keep up their weight. By giving cats little segments and keeping up a standard sustaining plan, you can utilize this as a gadget for sheltered, advantageous weight reduction.

Your cat will appreciate visit feedings and won’t feel denied. This gadget is spacious, as it has a 24-container limit. It has a reasonable top that gives a perspective of the container. This permits you to refill it when you see food supply is running low.


  • Bowl holds 5 cups of food
  • Digital timer programs up to 12 meals a day
  • Slow Feed Mode dispenses meals greater than 1/8 cup
  • Anti-jam conveyor system dispenses dry and semi-moist foods
  • Immediate Feed Mode dispenses next scheduled meal instantly
  • More Features are here.....

7. Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Food Dispenser

Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Food Dispenser
Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Food Dispenser

This is effortlessly amassed and has gained straightforward programmable power. The pet feeder accompanies programmable sustaining bit and offers a decision of bolstering ¼ glasses to 3 measures of food for each feast. It can serve nourishment up to three times in a day.

The feeder is impeccable in the event that you have a developed feline in your home. Between the ages of three and a half year, the little cat grows up enough and can be encouraged three times in a day. This can be kept up for more seasoned felines too.

The feeder has a straightforward can on the best, trailed by the control unit and the bowl turning out at the base. It is a truly straightforward game plan and gathered by any individual. The nourishment is controlled to keep up a sound segment being served unfailingly. The feeder guarantees that your feline does not end up corpulent because of indulging.

Pre-modified control is used on the off chance that you need to leave your feline for the day or you go out to work. The holder can hold up to 5lb of dry nourishment. It is sufficiently very to fulfill your little cat’s hunger. This feeder works with dry food as it were. In this way, don’t put any clammy food inside it. Likewise, while working, guarantee that your hands are dry.


  • New & Improved Design
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning
  • Large LCD screen & built-in meal counter
  • Reliably delivers portion-controlled meals
  • Baffle added to the hopper to prevent jams
  • The twist-lock lid to keep the food fresh & secure
  • More Features are here.....

8. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder
SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

The Surefeed Microchip automatic feeder is not the same as a large portion of the feeders on the review. As opposed to parceling the food, the feeder identifies the cat’s microchip or RFID neckline to ensure that the cat that requirements it get it.

In the event that the enlisted cat goes to the feeder, the food holder opens up and gives the cat a chance to eat. The cover closes when the cat is full and leaves the feeder.

The feeder might be perfect for the cat that is excessively timid, making it impossible to eat and lives among other bigger cats. It can enroll up to 32 ID’s and opens when the affirmed cat goes near the gadget. It likewise enables keep to pet’s unique eating regimens separate to help cats with extraordinary dietary needs.

It recalls the personalities of the cat notwithstanding when the batteries are taken out. Its compartment is likewise fixed to help keep food fresher for more. The feeder works with all food composes also. There are heaps of tangle and bowl hues to suit your taste and fit into your home. It is very simple to program and accompanies a 3-year guarantee.


  • Designed for multi-pet homes
  • Great for pets on weight management diets
  • Compatible with all identification microchips worldwide
  • Ensures that prescription food is consumed by the right pet
  • More Features are here.....

9. Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Petzi Treat Cam Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser
Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

So as you can likely tell from the name, this isn’t an all-out feeder, however only a treat container connected to a webcam. Alright, that might distort it, yet the Petzi is implied for an unexpected reason in comparison to the huge container feeders we typically observe.

Instead of a wellspring of food, the Petzi is an approach to cooperate with your pet when you are far from home, so I would prescribe utilizing it notwithstanding a more conventional feeder gadget. It would be a particularly decent friend to a programmed feeder that does not have its own particular camera or two-way correspondence.

Utilizing the Petzi you can converse with your pet and dispatch treats at them. The gadget is divider mounted and can be put very high up so you can get a decent view since the treats aren’t eaten straight from the machine.

One thing I see is that there is evidently no amplifier, which is something I expected, would be there. I get it doesn’t generally make a difference since your pooch or feline can’t really argue, yet I would have jumped at the chance to hear what’s happening.

As an answer for a pet that has a tendency to be desolate, I think this is an extraordinary thought. It can do with a couple of slight changes, for example, the amplifier; yet general individuals have discovered it to have a genuine effect on their pet’s state of mind. I like it, however, the cost is a staying point. In the event that the cash doesn’t influence you, nonetheless, there’s no reason not to put it all on the line.


  • Dedicated iOS and Android app
  • A fun and easy way treat your pet from anywhere
  • Watch the excitement on your pet’s face when you pop in
  • Dispense your pet’s favorite treat with the Petzi treat launcher
  • More Features are here.....

10. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 Model

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 Model
Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder

For pet proprietors who love to test new pet innovation, this feeder may offer a considerable measure. It works with a Wi-Fi association and can be observed from a PC or a cell phone. It enables the cat’s food utilization to be controlled from any area. The feeder has a webcam also to help the pet proprietor to screen the dietary patterns of the cat.

The feeder likewise accompanies an adaptable planning framework and also 6 plates that can contain distinctive food. It offers 3 sustaining alternatives, for example, the one-time bolster that is planned for one day; the erratic nourish which apportions a dinner on the double and the customary encouraging calendar.

You can likewise utilize its voice recording highlight to influence custom messages to advise your pet that it is mealtime. You are additionally given control from a remote area with the availability settings. The settings don’t change when the Wi-Fi flag is lost.

The feeder can be utilized with a wide range of food, for example, wet, dry kibble, semi-soggy, solution or treats. Its unique securing component may come helpful to counteract food loot. Every one of its settings is reestablished when unplugged and connected back to inside a couple of minutes.


  • Built In Webcam
  • New iOS and Android Apps
  • Leaving Wet Food In For Longer Than 24 hrs
  • Control Multiple Feed and Go's From One Profile
  • Connects By Wi-Fi To Your Home Network In Under One Minute
  • More Features are here.....

What is the best automatic cat feeder features to look for

You have to consider your and your cat’s needs when you’re purchasing an automatic cat feeder. Here is a portion of the things that you should think about it before purchasing, so keep reading:

Refill Alert

It’s basic for a few people to neglect to refill the containers, particularly if the limit goes on for two or three days on end. On the off chance that this is you, getting a feeder with a food level sensor can enable you to make sure to refill it.

These feeders make a sound to advise you. On the off chance that the feeders have portable applications, they may send you a notice about the refill as well.

Microchip or Collar Tag Reader

A couple of automatic cat feeders have radio-recurrence recognizable proof innovation. On the off chance that your cats have microchips in them, you can program these feeders to just open and administer food to your creatures.

This innovation can likewise be utilized for neckline labels that take into consideration RFID examining. Feeders like these are an awesome answer for booking suppers for open-air felines.

Simple Programming

In the event that you have a bustling way of life, you presumably won’t have 30 minutes to an hour to make sense of how to program your feeder. Excellent items, for the most part, take just a couple of minutes to program.

They have a natural, easy to understand interfaces that timetable your feeding circumstances, partition sizes or both.

Numerous feeders additionally enable you to make plan changes in not more than seconds. Some even let you stop the calendar however without deleting your program settings.

Feed Multiple Cats

Numerous feeders have enough ability to bolster in excess of one pet. The main drawback to having an automatic cat feeder for different pets is that the greater part of the creatures needs to eat a similar food and bit measure.

Spill Proof

Despite the fact that cats get used to occasional encouraging circumstances, some of them can be restless. On the off chance that they attempt to open the feeder all alone, you don’t need the food to spill everywhere throughout the floor.

Search for automatic cat feeders that have spill-verification tops or some sort of highlight on the base of the bases to shield them from tipping over.

Simple to Clean and Add More Food ​

It’s vital for your cat’s wellbeing that they approach clean feeders and dishes. The exact opposite thing that you need is for your creatures to become ill or create sensitivities due to the microorganisms that develop in an unclean bowl or container. Most fantastic items separate with the goal that you can clean these pieces. A ton of them can even go in the dishwasher.

Security against Power Outages

Electronic feeders that quit working if the power goes out nullify the point of the items. Losing usefulness could put cats with uncommon dietary needs in a hard spot.

This is the reason it’s imperative to pick a gadget with a reinforcement battery framework that can keep going for a couple of days until the point when the power goes ahead once more. This element, be that as it may, isn’t important for gravity cat feeders.

Remote Control

Interfacing with automatic cat feeders by means of versatile applications gives you considerably more control over when and how much your cats eat. The remote control highlight could even give you a chance to alter the program settings.


Since automatic feeders arrive in a wide value extend, your spending requirement may assume a basic part in choosing the correct item for you. Beginning with just a couple of dollars going upwards to products of several dollars, every one of these frameworks would convey an exceptionally differing sticker price.

Therefore, it may be a smart thought to lay a spending assignment before setting the undertaking of choosing the hardware.

It is comprehended that your settled designated total will be just a characteristic figure. However, by characterizing the scope of your readiness to spend on the thing, you will have the capacity to dispose of a portion of the choices from the not insignificant review of things accessible in the market that you may discover outside your financial plan.

Final Verdict

Considering all of our best automatic cat feeder and the buying guide, you will surely able to locate the best one for your cat. Thousands of automatic cat feeders available out there, but it is not an easy task to get the best one. We have made the process easy and fast. Hope you are on the way to purchase! For more such posts, keep browsing and get in our touch. You will fall in Love!

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